Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I dispose of an old television or other electronics?

The York County Solid Waste Authority conducts an electronics recycling program at the Resource Recovery Center, 2651 Blackbridge Road, York, PA 17406. Call 717-845-1066 or refer to for more information, including days and hours for collection.

  • How do I set up curbside trash and recycling service?

Fawn Township does not contract with a specific hauler. Residents may choose to set up a curbside trash/recycling subscription with any hauler that services the area.

  • Can I have chickens or horses on my property?

Fawn Township Zoning Ordinance –

s.602.6             Keeping of Livestock, Small Animals, and/or Poultry.

a.         In all zones, the keeping of livestock, small animals, and/or poultry shall be accessory and clearly incidental to the principal use of the property for a full-time resident.  Animals or poultry shall be kept only as pets, for pleasure, or to provide food for the residents of the premises where the livestock, small animals or poultry are kept.

b.         Lot area:  One (1) acre minimum.

c.         All poultry, livestock and small animals shall, except while pasturing, grazing, feeding or exercising, be housed in a building erected and maintained for that purpose.  Such buildings shall only be located in the rear yard, shall be set back at least fifty (50) feet from any property line, and shall be no closer than one hundred (100) feet to any existing residence on adjacent land.

d.       All outdoor pasture, holding, or exercise areas shall be enclosed to prevent the escape of the livestock, small animals or poultry.  All such enclosures may be located up to but not on the property line.

e.         All livestock, small animal and poultry waste shall be properly stored and disposed of so as not to be objectionable at the site’s property line or create a public health hazard or nuisance.